Dogsgiving: Cash

Name: Cash

Age: 1

Breed: Red heeler

Human(s): Shelby & Ben

Where did you come from? Lewistown

What’s your favorite toy? Squeaky pigs

What’s your biggest accomplishment? Learning how to swim

What’s the worst thing you ever did? Cash ate two tv remotes while his parents left him unattended for a few minutes. 

What do your humans do to make you mad? They take away my squeaky toys when it’s time for bed.

Where’s your favorite patio? I don’t have one yet!

What are your aliases? Cashie, trashie, trash man, crash, baby doggie… the list goes on.

Who’s your best (non-human) friend? My brother Bo.

What’s your favorite place to go? Anywhere I can roam free with my humans!

What are your hobbies? Swimming, chasing balls, learning tricks, playing with my friends, hiking, chasing my tail.

What’s the most expensive thing you ever ate? Dog food I guess! That stuff is expensive!!

Where do you get your hair and nails done? My hoomans bath tub.

What’s your fitness routine? Bouncing off the walls from 6 a.m.-8 p.m. daily.

What are you thankful for? An abundance of toys, my hoomans, my brother and a warm lap to lay on every night.