Gibson Park pond wall repair underway

Work is underway to repair the failing pond wall in Gibson Park.

The city awarded the contract to Ivers Construction and Concrete in September for $53,394.

The project involves 120 feet of 8-feet by 12-feet reinforced sidewalk that will tie into the pond wall to keep it from failing further, according to Park and Recreation.

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The work is being funded through the park maintenance district.

The pond wall repair was first requested in 2010, according to the city’s capital improvement plan.

In that document, it states, “wall is falling in on back side of Gibson Pond on the northeast side. Repairs would consist of draining the pond or isolating the failing area. The wall and trail would both need to be repaired. Cementing the entire pond is also an option, but it would be at a much larger expense.”

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The project was estimated at $165,000 in that document.

The pond wall failure has been a concern as it could constitute a public safety hazard, according to city officials for years, and in the capital improvement plan, officials said the separation was increasing with a high chance of failure.