Election 2021: Results

10:30 p.m. update

Preliminary votes are in for the municipal elections in Great Falls, Belt and Cascade.

As a reminder, only those living within the boundary of those incorporated areas was eligible to vote.

About 29,000 ballots were issued, according to the Cascade County elections office.

Of those, 13,976 ballots were returned.

The results are not considered final until the county has conducted a canvass and the County Commission certifies the results.

Bob Kelly has won a fourth two-year term as mayor. He previously served as a city commissioner.

Joe McKenney and Susan Wolff have been elected to four-year commission seats.

Commissioners Mary Moe and Owen Robinson opted not to see re-election this year.

City of Great Falls


Fred Burow: 5,085

Bob Kelly (incumbent): 8,459

City Commission, two available seats

Joe McKenney: 5,086

Eric Hinebauch: 4,212

Paige Turoski: 3,009

Vanessa Hayden: 1,615

Susan Wolff: 6,407

Josh Copeland: 3,875

Neighborhood Councils, five seats available per council

Council 1

Michael Flaherty: 1,006

David Foscue: 713

Pat Goodover: 904

Everett Hall: 906

David Saslav: 648

Ronald Szabo: 731

Council 2

Aron Krischel: 622

Shyla Patera: 674

Frank Speidel: 643

Council 3

Sue Dickenson: 1,971

Kathleen Gessaman: 1,580

Eric Peterson: 1,792

Council 4

Richard Ashley: 1,143

Susan Ashley: 1,144

Sandra Guynn: 1,262

Council 5

Terry Albrecht: 662

Marcia Anderson: 635

Pat Bolton: 679

Eric Ray: 635

Council 6

Richard Cornellier: 681

Carl Donovan: 814

Earl Salley: 722

Jack Stuckman: 707

Allison Tangen: 805

Council 7

Linda Daggett: 508

Troy Lane: 443

Lisa Meyers: 466

Trevor Mikkelson: 462

Sandra Rice: 544

Council 8

Karen Grove: 1,038

Travis Grove: 965

Johnnie Scott: 988

Council 9

Bernard Danishefsky: 881

Karen Gray: 967

Scott Miranti: 926

Shannon Wilson: 904

Town of Cascade

Should chickens be allowed in town limits?

Yes: 105

No: 83


Ward 3, one seat

Becky Gorton: 10

Sally Miller: 24

Ward One, one seat

David Eggert: 29

April Wells: 40