Sunday Reads: Sept. 12

This is a bit late since Jenn’s family is in town and she forgot what day it was.

Eater: Seattle’s food trucks are fighting an uphill battle

The Wall Street Journal: The flu is expected to make a comeback this year, threatening hospitals strained by Delta

AP News: Justice Department sues Texas over state’s new abortion law

The Atlantic: The plan to stop every respiratory virus at once

Vox: What an enormous global study can tell us about feeling better during the pandemic

Texas Monthly: Until 1968, a married Texas woman couldn’t own property or start a business without her husband’s permission. This Dallas attorney changed that.

NPR: The Taliban’s ideology has surprising roots in British-ruled India

The Washington Post: Faulty USPS software cost trucking contractor $110 million and led to mass layoffs, company claims

Bloomberg: Free parking is killing cities

Associated Press: Lawmakers: Ida damage shows need for infrastructure upgrades

The New York Times: How eating out has changed

NPR: Parents of children with disabilities join the legal battle over masks in schools 

The Atlantic: Classroom time isn’t the only thing students have lost

The Washington Post: Afghan crisis wreaked havoc on Northern Virginia hospitals due to lack of federal planning, local officials say