Sunday Reads: Aug. 29

NPR: Many Americans are reaching out for mental health support-but can’t get it

Associated Press: What does full approval of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine mean?

The New York Times: A U.S. Marine, a baby on 9/11, is among the dead in Kabul

NPR: How rape affects memory and the brain and why more police need to know about this

Montana Free Press: New Montana law sows confusion — and defiance — over school quarantines

NPR: A vaccine for young children is not likely until the end of the year, NIH director says

The New York Times: A nightmare of blood and steel: The ’90s subway crash that changed everything

Axios: The rise of women in the gig economy

Associated Press: New sinking in tilting San Francisco high-rise halts repair

NPR: A salmonella outbreak has spread to 17 states and it’s linked to Italian meats

Associated Press: 100,000 more COVID deaths seen unless US changes its ways

The New York Times: The Cotton Tote Crisis

The Wall Street Journal: Why is the supply chain still so snarled? We explain, with a hot tub

Kaiser Health News: States pull back on COVID data even amid Delta surge

Bloomberg: MapLab: The cities where chain restaurants dominate

NPR: These older workers hadn’t planned to retire so soon. The pandemic sped things up.

Strong Towns: The American alley, part 1: A hidden resource

Vox: Corporations aren’t going to save America