Dog Days of Summer: Champ

Name: Champ

Age: 7

Breed: Springer/Lab

Humans: Barb and Kevin

Where did you come from? I came from my mom who is full Springer and she had an affair with a local black lab that I probably have never seen. I have brothers and sisters some of who probably look like me but others looked like my dad. I have always lived in Great Falls but I have traveled to CO, WY, ID and WA so far.

What’s your favorite toy? It looks like an octopus, I think it’s called a Kong Wubba but I always call it Kong-ta-pus, aside from that I love anything with a squeaker in it that I tear apart to get at the prize.

Dogsgiving: A Tail of Thanks

What’s your biggest accomplishment? Lately, on occasion not all the time, I have been taking down my gate to be free in the house when no one is home. I have a pet cat and she kinda annoys me that she gets free run but I like to surprise her sometimes and show her I can get out. I like to chase her and annoy her but unlike my mom thinks I wouldn’t try to eat her but she does provide some good treats I always find in a clay like substance, kinda reminds me of a Panko wrapped treat.

What’s the worst thing you ever did? I like tissues so when they are left out I like to play unstuff the box.

What do your humans do to make you mad? They always seem to wanna wake me up when I am sleeping really good and tell me to go outside especially when it’s cold out. All I wanna do is sleep, I don’t have to go potty all the time!

Where’s your favorite patio? Any patio where people share what they are eating. I just want a taste, not your whole plate.

What are your aliases? Sir champs-a-lot, bubba-boy, slobarino, bubba bear.

Who’s your best (non-human) friend? At home Squirt my cat, but I really like my next door neighbor Molly she is a playful puppy.

What’s your favorite place to go? Gibson park to see all the ducks and birds, but the sidewalks are yucky. Giant Springs provides some nice scenery and great people. I also love the doggie hotel.

What are your hobbies? Barking at delivery people and their trucks. Chasing rabbits in the morning in my back yard. Sunbathing in the grass and keeping an eye on my neighborhood.

What’s the most expensive thing you ever ate? I tore apart one of April’s beds she gave me at the doggie hotel.

Where do you get your hair and nails done? My hair isn’t long enough to be groomed so it’s always stellar and I am very active so my nails don’t need extra attention yet.

What’s your fitness routine? When I get let out I will run up and down the fence line if my neighbors are out. I will chase any cars that go by my house in the alley. I have to chase those rabbits out. 

What are you thankful for? Pillows, I love them, I make nests with them and sleep on them.