Dog Days of Summer: Bella

Name: Ruf… Ruf… RuFF! My name is Bella.

Age: 6

Breed: Cockapoo Yorkshire Terrier Mix

Humans: Brenda, Rhonda & Aaron Kueffler

Where did you come from? I was born in Great Falls, MT on September 14th, 2014 right before my sister, Snow. I was ‘almost’ the runt of the pack – sorry sis.

What’s your favorite toy? There’s 1 tug/squeaker toy that I like, but OMG! Pillows! I LOVE Pillows!! My mama Rhonda is always putting out pillows and I got to try out each one. The bigger ones are nice, but I can curl on top of any size pillow and fall asleep. When there isn’t any pillow on the couch, I give my mama Rhonda the look. She laughs at me, but I need my pillows!

Dogsgiving: A Tail of Thanks

What’s your biggest accomplishment? Protecting my family and home from dog walkers and other visitors.

What’s the worst thing you ever did? I’m a simple girl who loves to eat and look out windows – I’m a good girl. 

What do your humans do to make you mad? I get mad when my mamas are gone for a long time (at least I think they are) – my attitude kicks in. I give them a piece of my mind. I yammer their ears off. My mamas think they can walk away, but I’m right on their heels yippin’ away. I’m speaking for the pack – they need to know it was TOO long! When they are gone for that long I make myself sick with worry – like my mama Brenda.

Where’s your favorite patio? Patio? I’d much rather be in a chair or on the couch. Of course, my favorite spot is next to my mama Brenda when we are all in for the night and snuggle time has begun.

What are your aliases? I also go by Beautiful Bella, Belly Rub Bella and Jealous Bella.

Who’s your best (non-human) friend? My sister, Snow.

What’s your favorite place to go? Road trips and my mama Brenda’s place of work.

What are your hobbies? I start barking competitions with my sisters. I’ll start barking and get ‘em all worked up. It’s pretty funny – of course, I always win. I gotta hand it to my sister Sox, she keeps up pretty well for being so old. I’m sure I get under her fur most days. I give her a run for her treats when we go outside. She always likes to be first, but when that door opens – the race is on…and…the barking. She’s so sweet because after the race she’ll give me a little kiss and make sure everything is ok.

What’s the most expensive thing you ever ate? I watch what I eat – It isn’t easy being small and beautiful. Don’t want to wreck my figure – I have a cute little wiggle that I want to keep.

Where do you get your hair and nails done? Thank goodness for my mama, Rhonda! She gives us baths, fur trimmings and clips our nails. I don’t like my nails clipped, but she does ok.

What’s your fitness routine? I get really get my heart pumping and bring it on to the dog walkers that I see through the window. It’s a great cardio burn for me.

What are you thankful for? The love and happiness from my family: mama’s Brenda & Rhonda, buddy – Aaron, and sisters Glacier, Sox, and Snow.