Sunday Reads: Aug. 15

Stay cool this weekend Great Falls. 

NPR: Mississippi’s hospital system could collapse within 10 days under COVID’s strain

The Washington Post: Afghan government collapses as Taliban sweeps in, U.S. sends more troops to aid chaotic withdrawal

Associated Press: Misinformation at public forums vexes local boards, big tech

The New York Times: The Supreme Court won’t block Indiana University’s vaccine mandate

The Washington Post: Naloxone supply issues threaten worsening drug overdose crisis

The New York Times: Your Daily Coffee Habit Is About to Get More Expensive

Montana Free Press: In a community with an abundance of wealth, mental health options still scarce | Montana Free Press

The New York Times: The Black reporter who exposed a lie about the atom bomb

The Washington Post: Hopes and fears as schools open their doors for new year

Reuters: Tyson Foods says 5,400 employees take COVID-19 shots after vaccine mandate

The New York Times: Why Do American Grocery Stores Still Have an Ethnic Aisle?

Wired: Smart Cities, Bad Metaphors, and a Better Urban Future

The New Yorker: Andrew Cuomo’s war against a federal prosecutor

The Atlantic: What Bobby McIlvaine left behind

The War Horse: Exposed: Burn pits may force the military to acknowledge generations of poisoned veterans

NPR: A California father claims QAnon conspiracy led him to kill is two children, FBI says

Axios: A Detroit garage is testing out high-tech parking solutions

The New York Times: Phoenix Is the Fastest-Growing Large City

The Washington Post: Where America’s developed areas are growing

NPR: Nearly 300,000 more federal health care workers are ordered to be vaccinated