Sunday Reads: July 18

Stay cool out there Great Falls and be careful as officials continue to warn of the high fire danger.

Associated Press: U.S. overdose deaths hit record 93,000 in pandemic last year

The New York Times: Parts of the Amazon go from absorbing carbon dioxide to emitting it

NPR: Heat wave killed an estimated 1 billion sea creatures, and scientists fear even worse

The Washington Post: Betsy Ross’s husband’s diary turned up in a garage. Here’s what it tells us about the flagmaker

Associated Press: ‘Scary’: Fuel shortage could ground firefighting aircraft

NPR: What the rise and fall of lumber prices tell us about the pandemic economy

The New York Times: What are we going to wear?

NPR: A study predicts record flooding in the 2030s and it’s partly because of the moon

The Verge: Retail stores are packed with unchecked facial recognition, civil rights organizations say

CityLab: Can an app renovate a neighborhood?

Reuters: Capitalizing on remote work, U.S. cities draw in tech workers

Route Fifty: Judge blocks Maryland from cutting federal unemployment

PBS: A Dutch chocolate company’s fight to end illegal child labor

Association Press: U.S. unemployment claims fall to 360,000, a new pandemic low

Axios: Selling cities: The rise of municipal marketing

Marie Claire: Simulated Mars Mission Shows Benefits of All-Female Crew

Vox: Why food and housing assistance is essential for improving America’s health