City planning River’s Edge Trail improvements

During their July 6 meeting, City Commissioners will consider awarding a $176,915 contract to MRTE, Inc. for improvements to the River’s Edge Trail.

The project will replaced about 1,130 linear feet of asphalt surfacing with 5-inch reinforced concrete at grate and the 8-foot wide trail will connect with the existing concrete sidewalk at Central Avenue West and the end of the pedestrian crossing to the north at Elk’s Riverside Park. The project also includes protection of trees and roots, subgrade preparation, gravel base course, concrete curb and gutter, reinforced concrete trail construction, crosswalk painting and site reclamation, according to the staff report.

The project is being funded by Missouri-Madison River Fund and NorthWestern Energy grants, and River’s Edge Trail Foundation and Park District No. 1 funds.

The city received two bids for the project ranging from $176,915 to $187,362.