City to consider contract to replace water mains dating to 1892

During their July 6 meeting, City Commissioners will consider awarding a $864,765 contract to Central Plumbing and Heating for a water main project.

The project would replace about 760 lineal feet of 12-inch water main and 1,800 lineal feet of 4-, 6- and 8-inch water main on the southwest side of town.

Water mains in this area of town were installed in 1892 and have been failing with “increasing frequency, causing damage to property, roadways, disrupting traffic, and water service to local residents and businesses. The water main breaks are primarily due to corrosive soils, age, and the type of pipe material used,” according to the staff report.

During construction, residents and businesses will be placed on temporary water and traffic will be detoured, according to city public works.

The project will be coupled with a planned street reconstruction project in the spring of 2022, which will include the displacement of some century old trees in the area.

City planning water main, street reconstruction project on southwest side

City public works staff met with the neighborhood council in April and May to discuss the project, with the county voting in favor of the water main and street reconstruction projects.

southwest street reconstructionThe project area includes:

  • 2nd Avenue Southwest from 3rd Street to 6th Street
  • 3rd Avenue Southwest from 5th Street to 6th Street
  • 5th Street from 4th Avenue Southwest to 1st Avenue Southwest

The project will replace about cast iron water main pipes with 12-inch and 8-inch PVC water main; replace four fire hydrants; 55 water service connections; 2,650 square yards of gravel; and 420 square yards of asphalt pavement.

The project is tentatively scheduled to begin July 19, depending on weather, material availability and contractor scheduling.

One bid was received for the project, according to public works.

The project is part of the Public Works Capital Improvements Program and has been budgeted in the Water Utility Enterprise Fund.