Sunday Reads: June 20

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

NPR: Slavery didn’t end on Juneteenth. What you should know about this important day

PBS: In mental health crises, a 911 call now brings a mixed team of helpers — and maybe no cops

The Washington Post: Biden, deeply Catholic president, finds himself at odds with many U.S. bishops

The Atlantic: Why Confederate lies live on

Chicago Tribune: Missing military guns often end up being used in street crimes

The New Yorker: How a city comes back to life

The New York Times: Why people misperceive crime trends (Chicago is not the murder capital)

The Washington Post: A family affair: Children and other relatives of Biden aides get administration jobs

KUNC: Colorado’s water scarcity may finally be coming for your local duck pond

NPR: How to cope with ‘disenfranchised grief’

The Washington Post: Australia’s mouse plague: first came the drought, then the floods, now the mice.

The Wall Street Journal: National parks are overcrowded and closing their gates

NPR: Here’s what the critics say is wrong with the Electoral College

Air Force Magazine: New GBSD facilities ‘on the path to stay on budget’

Wired: A new tool wants to save open source from supply chain attacks

The New Yorker: My delusional, wonderful recipe book

The Atlantic: Six months inside one of America’s most dangerous industries

CityLab: New York City experiment will give cash payments to homeless young adults

Reuters: U.S. agriculture chief backs proposed meatpacking investigator

The New York Times: How a chef who helped restaurants spends Sundays

NPR: Hyundai plant in Alabama pauses manufacturing due to car chip shortage

Reuters: U.S. nuclear regulator approves fuel for next-generation reactors

Vice: National right-to-repair bill filed in Congress

Associated Press: Senators would stop ‘micropolitan’ label for 144 US cities

The Atlantic: Why America doesn’t really make solar panels anymore

NPR: After months of special education turmoil, families say schools owe them