City planning ADA sidewalk improvements near Longfellow

The city commission will consider awarding a $77,465 contract to MRTE during their June 15 meeting for sidewalk improvements around Longfellow Elementary School.

The project will improve pedestrian traffic and meet federal ADA requirements, as well as provide an accessible route to a state maintained ADA compliant pedestrian corridor along 10th Avenue South, according to the staff report.

“The locations’ priority has also been established as well above average by public stakeholders and ADA federally mandated characteristics using metrics established and monitored in the Public Works ADA Transition Plan,” according to staff.

Originally, the project included both Longfellow and Lincoln school areas, but staff decided to postpone the Lincoln portion due to the size of the project and limited timeline. The Lincoln portion will be rebid at a later date.

The construction will require temporary lane closures of 6th Avenue North near the intersections of 10th and 12th streets. Access to residences and businesses adjacent to the construction zones will be maintained.

Design phase engineering, plans and specifications were completed by city engineering staff with the city utilities and streets divisions and Great Falls Public Schools.

The proposed project will provide ADA compliant routes by installing curb ramps at the following intersections:

  • 6th Avenue South and 10th Street South
  • 6th Avenue South and 12th Street South

The project consists of installing: approximately 250 lineal feet of integral concrete curb and gutter; 1,050 square feet of four-inch concrete sidewalk; 1,660 square feet of six-inch reinforced concrete; 12 truncated domes; remove existing and replace two Type I curb inlets with concrete aprons; remove and replace trees; and 5,000 square feet of sod placement.

The project was advertised and one bid was received, according to staff.

The project was selected, prioritized and executed as specified in the Public Works Capital Improvement Program and the city’s ADA transition plan. It was budgeted in the street enterprise fund and will use Community Development Block Grant and city street maintenance funds.