Sunday Reads: June 13

Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. Here’s this week’s list.

The Washington Post: ‘Cool’ roofs, cooler designs as the building industry embraces energy sustainability

The New York Times: Carbon dioxide in atmosphere hits record high despite pandemic dip

The Wall Street Journal: No Parking: Cities rethink garages for a world with fewer personal cars

The Washington Post: Drop in childhood vaccinations during pandemic may raise risk of other outbreaks when schools reopen, CDC says

Kaiser Health News: New Montana laws enshrine health care alternatives, for better or worse

NPR: How California homelessness became a crisis

Vox: Where’s the “Impossible Burger” of cheese?

Politico: Cyberattack on food supply followed years of warnings

Kaiser Health News: With roots in civil rights, community health centers push for equity in the pandemic

NPR: Supreme Court turns away challenge to the rule that only men register for the draft

The Washington Post: As grocery prices rise, alt-meat takes a bigger bite of Big Meat’s burger

The New Yorker: Has an old Soviet mystery at last been solved?

Atlas Obscura: Meet the Appalachian apple hunter who rescued 1,000 ‘lost’ varieties

Montana Free Press: Out of house and home

NPR: A judge has thrown out a lawsuit brought by hospital workers over a vaccine mandate