Couple drops effort to revive urban chicken initiative


The authors of the latest urban chicken proposal have suspended their effort.

Jaron and Angelique Wethington notified the city’s neighborhood council coordinator on June 10 that they’re stopping their effort and “provided no further explanation,” according to Lanni Klasner.

In May, Jaron Wethington spoke at neighborhood council meetings asking the councils to consider supporting an urban chicken ordinance.

A number of attempts have been made to legalize backyard hens once again in the city since a 2007 city ordinance change outlawed backyard hens in all but one city zoning district.

Chickens were on the 2017 ballot and failed by a vote of 6,646 against to 6,040 in favor.

Attempts to amend city code to allow chickens in most zoning districts failed in 2011 and a Great Falls couple, Cheryl Reichert and Charles Bocock, filed a civil lawsuit against the city in 2016 over the chicken ordinance and their multiple citations for illegal chickens. That lawsuit is still pending in District Court.

Here’s background on the Great Falls urban chicken initiatives over the years.

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