Sunday Reads: May 30

Hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful weather and taking a moment to remember what Memorial Day truly means.

I wrote this five years ago when I worked at the Tribune and every word still rings true: The Great Falls Tribune: Remembering those who died in service to their country

The Atlantic: All the sad, lonely pandemic puppies

Wired: Humans made the banana perfect-but soon, it’ll be gone

NPR: Earth is barreling toward 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming, scientists warn

Vox: A no-beef diet is great — but only if you don’t replace it with chicken

The Washington Post: Yes, we’ll probably need coronavirus booster shots. But which one?

Pew (Opinion): Jail costs strain local budgets even as crime falls

The Wall Street Journal: Is baking’s pandemic popularity just a flash in the pan?

Axios: States warn banks — Drop coal, and we drop you

Associated Press: U.S. durable goods orders drop 1.3 percent in April

NPR: Is there really a truck driver shortage?

The Washington Post: Coronavirus ‘lab leak’ theory jumps from mocked to maybe as Biden orders intelligence review

The New York Times: Can removing highways fix America’s cities?

Verge: Chicago PD automated policing program got this man shot twice

The Atlantic: What happens when Americans can finally exhale

NPR: CDC approach to breakthrough infections sparks concerns

Route Fifty: How cities are using citizen feedback to guide federal relief spending