Sunday Reads: May 23

The New York Times: Tokyo Olympics: Japanese poll finds 83 percent oppose Summer Games

Associated Press: Darwin’s Arch loses its top due to erosion in Galapagos

NPR: America’s satanic panic returns — this time through QAnon

The New York Times: A strange moment for the U.S. economy

NPR: More cities are handing people cash with no strings attached. Here’s why

Associated Press: Changed by pandemic, many workers won’t return to old jobs

NPR: America’s herd immunity fixation should end, scientists say

Politico: You snooze, you lose: Insurers make the old adage literally true

NPR: The case for universal Pre-K just got stronger

Bloomberg: America’s restaurant apocalypse has been greatly exaggerated

The New York Times: What Americans missed most about going to restaurants. (It wasn’t the food.)

The Hechinger Report: PROOF POINTS: Why reading comprehension is deteriorating

Wired: COVID forced America to make more stuff. What happens now?

The Washington Post: Beef isn’t being banned. But it’s always a staple of the culture-war diet.

Vox: Why firing squads are making a comeback in 21st-century America

Flathead Beacon: Within a few years, Glacier Rail Park now full

NPR: Feds seize 68 lions, tigers and other big cats from Tiger King Park in Oklahoma 

Associated Press: Big gaps in vaccine rates across the US worry health experts

Bon Appetit: Bouncier Buns and Nori Sleeves: How the pandemic changed restaurant food

NPR: A new infections coronavirus is detected in Malaysia, and it’s coming from dogs

CityLab: When cities say no to new transportation technology

The Washington Post: See you in 20 (or less): Living where access is within a short walk or bike ride

NBC News: Cutting unemployment benefits won’t bring back workers — but will hurt millions of families, new research finds

NPR: With lethal injections harder to come by, some states are turning to firing squads