Sunday Reads: May 16

Here’s this week’s reading list, hope you enjoyed the warm weather this weekend and here’s to a great week.

CityLab: Detroit has a lesson on building back better

CityLab: Beyond broken windows: What really drives urban crime

NPR: The story of ‘Sesame Street’: From radical experiment to beloved TV mainstay

Associated Press: U.S. schools fight to keep students amid fear of dropout surge

Fortune: ‘Pure panic’: Lumber prices up a staggering 280 percent as builders scramble for supply

NPR: Just 12 people are behind most vaccine hoaxes on social media, research shows

The Washington Post: Interior Department approves the Vineyard Wind offshore wind farm

The Virginian-Pilot: Tyson Foods raising pay to keep up as U.S. chicken demand soars

NPR: Vatican warns U.S. bishops about denying communion to supporters of abortion rights

CityLab: A wary New Orleans braces for a new tech boom

The Washington Post: Air pollution from farms leads to 17,900 U.S. deaths per year, study finds

Route Fifty: The cities and counties getting the biggest sums of federal aid

The Counter: Junk food ads don’t just harm children’s health—they also infringe on their online privacy

CNBC: Restaurants are feeling a labor crunch. Teens are an unlikely solution

Route Fifty: State, local governments could get $500M to expand cybersecurity

The Washington Post: Biden announces $7.4 billion to hire more public health workers amid pandemic

NPR: Poll finds public health has a trust problem

The New York Times: Many U.S. states with bad recent outbreaks show case and hospitalization drops

The Wall Street Journal: Tyson adds workers, breeds bigger flocks as chicken demand soars

Los Angeles Times: Some states plan big spending with Biden’s aid, others wait

The New York Times: Experts call for sweeping reforms to prevent the next pandemic

The Chronicle of Higher Education: A historic decline in U.S. births signals more enrollment troubles

The Verge: Secretary Pete Guttigieg on the future of transportation

The Wall Street Journal: The breakout cities on the forefront of America’s economic recovery

Reuters: Non-hospitalised COVID patients have low risk of serious long-term effects -study

Vox: The great American chicken wing shortage is upon us

Propublica: America’s drinking water supply is surprisingly easy to poison 

The Atlantic: America’s is-ought problem

National Geographic: Montana has made killing wolves easier. Some hunters are pushing back.

NPR: PHOTOS: Vaccine history repeats itself — sometimes

CityLab: The death and life of the central business district

The Flathead Beacon: Flathead fault lines

NPR: Man who is paralyzed communicates by imagining handwriting

The New York Times: One of the world’s longest-running experiments sends up sprouts

Associated Press: U.S. schools fight to keep students amid fear of dropout surge