CCSO launches online crime reporting tool

The Cascade County Sheriff’s Office has launched an online crime reporting tool.

The option is available on the county website here and should not be used to report crimes in progress, serious crimes or car crashes.

It’s similar to the online crime reporting option that’s been in use at the Great Falls Police Department.

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For the CCSO version, Sheriff Jesse Slaughter said that any crime reported in the system will go to their records division where a case file and if necessary the records clerks will assign the incident to a deputy for follow up.

The online system allows “deputies to focus on the immediate needs of the community, remaining available to respond to urgent calls and spending their time investigating crimes of a more serious nature or patrolling to deter criminal activity altogether. 9-1-1 dispatchers will also be able to focus on priority and emergency calls,” according to Slaughter.

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Residents and visitors can report crimes that occur in the county such as misdemeanor thefts, vandalisms, vehicle break-ins, harassing phone calls, phone scams, traffic complaints, suspicious activities, informational complaints and trespassing complaints, according to CCSO.

The system also allows CCSO to track trends in crimes or assist in investigations of incidents that might be related, Slaughter said.

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If a citizen has been involved in a vehicle crash, they should report it to the Montana Highway Patrol or dispatch as usual.

If a citizen has been involved in a traffic collision in the County or on the highway, they will want to report that to the MT Highway Patrol or dispatch like they always have.

When using the online crime reporting system, users must acknowledge, according to CCSO:

  • This is not an emergency
  • This is not an in-progress crime
  • This incident occurred either within Cascade County or within the city limits of one of our contract towns, Belt or Cascade
  • There was no seizable evidence left behind
  • You are the victim of the crime
  • You must have a valid e-mail address
  • Misdemeanor incidents only ($1,500 or less, if applicable)

If in doubt about whether to use the online system or requesting a deputy, residents can call dispatch for guidance on the best course of action.