Sunday Reads: April 25

Happy weekend Great Falls.

CityLab: Maps show how the mail shaped the American West

Smithsonian Magazine: The true history behind Netflix’s ‘The Dig’ and Sutton Hoo

Rolling Stone: The Fort Bragg murders

The New York Times: Feeling blah during the pandemic? It’s called languishing 

NPR: Archeologists discover original home of Harriet Tubman on Maryland’s Eastern Shore

The New York Times: The Supreme Court’s increasingly dim view of the news media

Wired: They hacked McDonald’s ice cream machines—and started a cold war

The New York Times: How the pandemic did, and didn’t, change where Americans move

The Washington Post: To fuel public safety reform, cities must build their civic muscles (opinion)

The New York Times: As new police reform laws sweep across the U.S., some ask: are they enough?

NPR: How do we stop the next pandemic? Here’s a new strategy

Thrillist: How Washington D.C. became the fast-casual capital of the United States

NPR: The secret mission to unearth part of a 142-year-old experiment