Business Bites: Suki’s demolition; new City Brew; Colored Snow opening; owner built homes complete; reading at Cassiopeia



The former Suki’s at 1229 10th Ave. S. is slated for demolition.

The city received permit applications on April 15 to demolish both existing structures on the property. Those permits were reviewed and approved by city staff but as of April 20 hadn’t yet been picked up by the contractor, Sletten Construction, according to city planning.

The city also received a permit application for the property on April 1 that proposed the construction of a new multi-tenant building on the property. One of the tenants would be City Brew, the other tenant is not yet known, according to city planning. Sletten is the contractor for the new construction project.

City Brew opens in Great Falls [2017]

Colored Snow

Colored Snow opens April 24 at their new brick and mortar location at the corner of Central Avenue and 5th Street. 

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Reading at Cassiopeia Books

Roberta A. Beute will read from her new history, As It Was: A Common Thread, at 4 p.m. April 24 at Cassiopeia Books, 606 Central Ave.

The book is a collection of facts, stories, and memoirs from the pioneers who settled the area of the Sweet Grass Hills and contributed to the establishment of Montana. As Beute says “people who make history are not only prodigious folks, but often ordinary people like you or me.” Masking and social distancing required.

Former Forest Service building

The city planning office issued an interior demolition permit for the former Forest Service building at 15th Street and 12th Avenue North on March 24. The permit is for demolition of partition walls, acoustical ceiling and flooring. The applicant is Point Contracting LLC.

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Owner built homes completed

After 16 months full of unpredictable roadblocks, 10 neighbors completed their owner built Homes and have begun moving in this month in Meriwether Crossing.

As of 2021, 145 neighbors have built their own homes through NeighborWorks Great Falls’ owner built homes program.

Bryan Buckridge, one of the builders, said in a release, “I’ve been renting for the last ten years, so pretty much my entire adult life. I cannot wait to have a space I can call mine. We finally get to reap the benefits of what we’ve been working so hard for and we’ve built a close-knit neighborhood that is unlike any other.”

Latest owner built homes group celebrate progress, nearing completion [2019]

The program is part of the national Mutual Self Help Housing program, funded by USDA Rural Development. Neighbors who qualify for the program earn “sweat equity” by building their own and each other’s homes, which is the key for keeping these homes affordable.

Georgette Cope, mother of three and soon-to-be homeowner said in a release., “Homeownership to me means freedom. Freedom to be myself. Freedom to be loud, to be quiet. To paint my walls whacky colors, to have my kids over and just be fun and be ourselves. This is truly freedom.”

MT Mainstream Movers

MT Mainstream Movers is hosting a grand opening of its commercial location, along with The Boutique, with dresses and coffee, at 10 a.m. April 27 at 1900 4th St. N.E., Suite 4.

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