City considering rescinding resolution that granted city manager emergency powers due to COVID-19

The City Commission will be asked during the April 20 meeting to consider rescinding the resolution from March 2020 that gave the city manager expanded powers to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The city’s emergency proclamation would remain in place.

City staff are recommending that commissioners adopt the new resolution.

The March 2020 resolution authorized the city manager to waive enforcement of city ordinances as necessary to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

The city had suspended enforcement of city rules regarding parking and residing in recreational vehicles; utility billing; multiple animal permits and multiple animal hobby permit inspections; downtown parking fees; late fees for certificates and permits; lowered rental rates for the Mansfield Theater and Convention Center from June-August 2020; and suspended general enforcement of sections of city code that conflicted with the governor’s stay home directive and the phased reopening plan.

The  Cascade County City-County Health Department has also lifted all COVID-19 restrictions, but continues to recommend masking, distancing and hand washing, among other precautions.

As of April 16, there were 8,708 total case, 72 of which were active, according to the state dashboard. As of this week, 41,996 total vaccination doses had been administered and 17,606 were fully vaccinated. That number is updated on Mondays for counties.

“The need for the city manager’s immediate emergency powers under Resolution 10341 and §7-34-4101
appears to have been reduced, and the inability to convene a quorum of the City Commission has been
diminished,” according to the staff report.

If commissioners approve the new resolution, the administrative orders related to city employee travel and quarantines will also be rescinded.