Sunday Reads: April 11

Happy weekend everyone!

The New York Times: As diners return, restaurants face a new hurdle: Finding workers

CityLab: COVID ruined our hangout spots. Here’s how they come back.

Wired: Israel is a fake meat powerhouse

Vox: Life on the minimum wage

CityLab: What corporate tax breaks mean for school funding

The New Yorker: The deceit and conflict behind the leak of the Pentagon Papers

NPR: As Biden pushes major rail investments, Amtrak’s 2035 map has people talking

Scientific American: Nature can help us prepare for the next pandemic

The New York Times: Biden creating commission to study expanding the Supreme Court

The Washington Post: Following pandemic, converting office buildings into housing may become new ‘normal’

The Economist: Riding high in a workers’ world

The New York Times: Local alliances put some cities on the fast track to recovery

Reuters: U.S. trade deficit hits record high as economy gains speed

The Atlantic: The dark side of box tops for education

Vox: Biden’s innovative idea for tackling skyrocketing housing prices

The Economist: Totting up bitcoin’s environmental costs

Associated Press: A city wrestled down an addiction crisis. Then came COVID-19

NPR: A brief history of how racism shaped interstate highways

The Washington Post: Intelligence forecast sees a post-coronavirus world upended by climate change and splintering societies