Sunday Reads: March 28

Don’t blow away out there Great Falls, here’s your reading list for the week.

Associated Press: Report: Extremists groups thrive on Facebook despite bans

Bloomberg: Bosses are clueless that workers are miserable and looking to leave

The Economist: The world in 2021-what does it take to make a new habit stick

NPR: Out of whack: Lack of homes for sale sends prices surging, frustrates buyers

The Hill: Lawmakers warn of funding risk if 144 cities are reclassified as ‘micropolitan’ areas

France 24: Louvre museum makes its entire collection available online

CNBC: Some cities are paying people up to $16,000 to move there—this online directory will help you find them

The Washington Post: White House prepares massive infrastructure bill with universal pre-K, free community college, climate measures

NPR: Stop blaming Tuskegee, critics say. It’s not an ‘excuse’ for current medical racism

The Washington Post: Rachel Levine, historic transgender nominee, confirmed as assistant health secretary

Associated Press: New problems arise for crop storage as planet gets warmer

The Gazette: Boulder shooting timeline: What happened in the tragic hour in and around the King Soopers

NPR: Sleeping octopuses may have dreams, but they’re probably brief

The Wall Street Journal: Retailers and landlords clash over what counts as a sale

Associated Press: WWII codebreaker Turing honored on UK’s new 50-pound note

NPR: The future of the pandemic in the U.S.: Experts look ahead

WDTN: Dayton City Commission passes ‘pay to stay’ ordinance

The New York Times: His plane crashed in the Amazon. Then came the hard part.