Sunday Reads: March 7

Hope you enjoyed this dose of spring Great Falls.

Associated Press: Bye, Bismarck: 144 cities could lose status as metro areas (

The New York Times: Aging beer in a sunken ship sounded like a good idea. Thieves thought so too.

CityLab: Don’t flatten the curve on urban innovation

Vox: How Biden can rein in the Big Meat monopoly

NPR: Trump appointee at VOA parent paid law firm millions to investigate his own staff

The Missoulian: ‘It’s been a good run’: Missoulian press set for last print

The Daily Press: Newport News Shipbuilding launches submarine Montana

CityLab: The case for a duty to the city

The Economist: Between the spreadsheets

Axios: How memes became a major vehicle for misinformation

NPR: ‘More dangerous and more widespread:’ Conspiracy theories spread faster than ever

Vice: McDonald’s secretive intel team spies on ‘Fight for $15’ workers, internal documents show

Civil Eats: The COVID gardening renaissance depends on seeds—if you can find them

CityLab: Kamala Harris pushes plan to strengthen city infrastructure

The Hill: Cronkite signed off 40 years ago; it seems like an eon in news standards (opinion) 

NPR: There are so many flavors of potato chips: ‘Hooked’ looks at why (book review)