GFPD, GFPS continuing review of March 2 incident that locked down Great Falls High

Great Falls Public High School was locked down on March 2.

According to the Great Falls Police Department, school staff had received a report that a student had pointed what appeared to be a gun at another student, inside the school.

“A review of school video showed a male student acting as if he had a gun, pointing it at another student, and forcing them to raise their hands in the air,” according to a GFPD release. “Witnesses indicated the student also made statements insinuating he had a gun.”

GFPD was notified and the school locked down as police were arriving, according to GFPD.

The individual had left the school and officers located him in the area.

“The subsequent investigation determined the student was using his phone in a manner that other students believed him to armed. The student’s motive for this is still under investigation and the student will complete remote learning until the GFPD and GFPS complete their respective reviews of the incident,” according to the GFPD release.

The response “was to ensure the safety of the students and contain a potentially volatile situation,” according to GFPD. “Fortunately, it was determined there was not a weapon involved and no students or community members were injured in this incident.”