Sunday Reads: Feb. 28

Distinctly Montana: Why I left Bozeman, or: who will make our soy lattes now?

The Washington Post: Human remains found at Williamsburg Black church site

The New York Times: How Negro History Week became Black History Month and why it matters now

Slate: The last city of the 20th Century

NPR: How goats (and perhaps people) make up their minds

FiveThirtyEight: Police misconduct costs cities millions every year. But that’s where the accountability ends.

Associated Press: How would COVID-19 vaccine makers adapt to variants?

Vice: The people the suburbs were built for are gone

The New York Times: Fauci expects Americans could still need to wear face masks in 2022

Vox: Sweatpants sales are booming, but the workers who make them are earning even less

NPR: When does COVID-19 become a disability? ‘Long-haulers’ push for answers and benefits

The Economist: When cities breathe out—how will they change in the post-pandemic world? (podcast)

CityLab: Cities are sinking under the weight of urban development

NPR: As cities grapple with climate change, gas utilities fight to stay in business

The New York Times: A bristling standoff rattles gun-friendly Vermont

The Washington Post: Henriette Wood sued for slavery reparations after the Civil War and won. Her descendants never knew.

The Associated Press: New or used? Either way, price hikes squeeze US auto buyers

The New York Times: How a ’70s photo foreshadowed a world-class figure skater’s future

NPR: Young people struggle to keep friends close as pandemic pulls them apart

The New York Times: She beat cancer at 10. Now she’s set to be the youngest American in space.

Vox: Figure skating lessons are declining. Can the 2022 Olympics save the sport?

NPR: States must resume annual tests in schools, Biden Administration says

NBC News: Covid vaccine set to trigger fastest retail sales growth in over two decades

NPR: Corporate lawyers who become judges less likely to side with workers, study says

The New York Times: A world of Black intimacy at the card table

The New York Times: University finds 18th-century schoolhouse where Black children learned to read