Sunday Reads: Feb. 14

Stay warm out there Great Falls. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Associated Press: ‘Overwhelm the problem’: Inside Biden’s war on COVID-19

The Washington Post: Lawmakers urge Biden to back opioid-treatment measure

The Chronicle of Higher Education: How Much Has Covid Cost Colleges? $183 Billion

Fast Company: Why cities should be designed for birds

The New York Times: In Canada, Americans are missed, with limits

The Washington Post: Postmaster general’s new plan for USPS is said to include slower mail and higher prices

CityLab: To bridge the digital divide, cities tap their own infrastructure

Reuters: What recovery? Clothes retailers cut orders while factories fight to survive

The New York Times: The coronavirus is a master of mixing its genome, worrying scientists

Kaiser Health News: Community health workers, often overlooked, bring trust to the pandemic fight

The New Yorker: Inside the worst-hit county in the worst-hot state in the worst-hit country

Associated Press: Sign of inequality: U.S. salaries recover even as jobs haven’t

Slate: The cities where Americans will move if they can work from home forever

NPR: Capitol insurrection: More than 200 people charged and what we know about them

The New York Times: How the Trump era broke the sunday-morning news show

The New York Times: A glimpse of a bygone life on Scottish islands, plucked from the trash