Sunday Reads: Feb. 7

Here’s this week’s reading list, hope you’re staying warm out there Great Falls.

Associated Press: Sitting on billions, Catholic dioceses amassed taxpayer aid

NPR: Did closing schools save lives or cost lives? The debate continues

Bay Journal: Dozens of ancient eel weirs uncovered in Susquehanna

McClatchy: Congress asks Pentagon to restore military base construction funds from border wall

PBS: How the pandemic is impacting college students’ mental health

The Atlantic: The colleges that took the pandemic seriously

The New York Times: The board voted to keep schools closed. Parents revolted.

Associated Press: Britain to test mixing and matching of COVID-19 vaccines

The Washington Post: How to start ending the school-to-prison pipeline — by an educator just elected to the U.S. House

The New York Times: Burned by low reimbursements, some doctors stop testing for COVID

NPR: Biden Administration will ship COVID-19 vaccines directly to pharmacies

The New York Times: ‘One property at a time’: A city tries to revive without gentrifying

City Monitor: Atlanta is looking for a better way to organise its neighbourhoods. All 242 of them.

The Washington Post: The Super Bowl is coming. And we’re running out of chicken wings.

The New York Times: Two Biden priorities, climate and inequality, meet on Black-owned farms

The Atlantic: Superstar cities are in trouble

NPR: CDC issues sweeping new mask mandate for U.S. travelers, extends eviction moratorium

The Washington Post: Essential workers get lost in the vaccine scrum as states prioritize the elderly

Vogue Business: End-of-life regulation is coming for fashion

Forbes: The future of cities is at stake: Here’s how to win the talent competition (opinion)