City seeking comment on transportation plan

An update to the Transportation Improvement Program is being considered by the Great Falls Metropolitan Planning Organization.

The TIP is a five-year capital improvements program of transportation projects proposed for implementation on major roadways in the Great Falls Area during federal fiscal years 2021-2025, according to the city.

North Great Falls transportation study underway

The TIP primarily includes improvements to be financed with federal and state funds provided by the U. S. Department of Transportation and the Montana Department of Transportation. Periodic updates are made as projects are completed, new projects are proposed and funding amounts and sources change, according to the city.

The proposed TIP may be reviewed in the Great Falls Planning and Community Development Office in the Civic Center, Rm. 112, 2 Park Drive S., or on the City of Great Falls website at

For more information or to comment, contact Andrew Finch, transportation planner, Great Falls Planning and Community Development Office, P.O, Box 5021, Great Falls, MT 59403 or call 455-8434.  For accommodations for disabilities, call Andrew Finch or TDD 454-0495.  Reasonable accommodation for public input will be made for all individuals requesting same. One day advance notice for accommodation is requested, although most requests can be accommodated in a shorter timeframe.

Updates considered to transportation plan to move two projects to recommended list

Comment is requested before noon Feb. 23.

The Great Falls Planning Advisory Board will consider the TIP at its regular meeting on Feb. 23 at 3 p.m. in the Civic Center, where public comment may also be made.

Public comment period open on regional transportation plan; several area road projects coming up

Persons will not be excluded from participating on the grounds of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, income or handicap. Members of groups whose civil rights are protected by the Constitution of the United States are encouraged to participate and comment.

The Great Falls Transit District relies on this public involvement opportunity and timeline for public review and comment, to satisfy project public participation requirements for Federal Transit Administration programmed projects.