Sunday Reads: Jan. 31

Hope you enjoyed the sunshine this weekend Great Falls, here’s this week’s reading list.

The New York Times: Firefighters battle an unseen hazard: their gear could be toxic

Pew: Public health systems still aren’t ready for the next pandemic 

The New York Times: Millions meant for public health threats were diverted elsewhere, watchdog says

Grist: 25 states promised to stay in the Paris Agreement. Did they follow through?

Hechinger Report: What happens when students research inequality in their own schools 

NPR: The college buyout boom

PBS: How the pandemic is propelling demand for short-term college programs

Curbed: Even before COVID, superstar cities were shrinking

Next City: How cities are reimagining our democracy

Missoulian: Missoulian building sale expected to close in spring; printing to be relocated

The Atlantic: The pandemic has erased entire categories of friendship

Associated Press: Insurers add food to coverage menu as way to improve health 

The New York Times: How America’s food system could change under Biden

Eater Chicago: With delivery apps, the balance scale is severely tipped against restaurants

The New York Times: 5 restaurants on why they’re hibernating this winter

Eater: Instagram really isn’t optional for restaurants anymore