Dogsgiving: Lu

Name: Lu

Age: 4.5

Breed: mutt

Human: Christine Ellsworth

Where did you come from? I am a rescue, I am not sure where I am from, maybe southern Cali or northern Mexico.

What’s your favorite toy? My dinosaur chew bone in the evening, the gift that keeps on giving.

What’s your biggest accomplishment? My last bun bun catch!

What’s the worst thing you ever did? My last bun bun catch, I broke open one of my pads.

Dogsgiving: A Tail of Thanks

What do your humans do to make you mad? My mom hugs me a lot in the morning before I’ve had my morning coffee.

Where’s your favorite patio? I prefer my window perch in the living room as of late, winter and all.

What are your aliases? Lupita Butts, LuLu, Lu Pew, LuLu Belle, Luprador, Loopie, Bratula.

Who’s your best (non-human) friend? My cattle dog friend Hope, we met back in Oregon while hunting down a vole.

What’s your favorite place to go? The river’s edge for walks.

What are your hobbies? Chasing bun buns, sun bathing, licking the couch while watching my stories.

What’s the most expensive thing you ever ate? My mom’s favorite flannel… sorry, I was teething at the time!

Where do you get your hair and nails done? Ian bow bein’ hooks me up.

What’s your fitness routine? My routine is fairly regular, a morning and an afternoon walk usually suffice.

What are you thankful for? Wide open spaces!