Sunday Reads: Jan. 17

Politico: The military has a hate group problem. But it doesn’t know how bad it’s gotten

Associated Press: In the wake of Capitol riot, Americans struggle for answers

Associated Press: The unfolding of ‘home-grown fascism’ in Capitol assault

Associated Press: Defiance of virus dining bans grows as restaurants flounder

Reuters: Little evidence coffee companies’ sustainability efforts have impact: report

Axios: Cities prepare for home delivery by drone

Reuters: COVID-19 pressures U.S. retail sales; manufacturing shines

The Washington Post: Tom Vilsack’s nomination as agriculture secretary reopens old wounds for Black farmers Why the candy bar market exploded after World War I

The Atlantic: Random people are lining up to get vaccinated in D.C. grocery stores

The New York Times: Cash, breakfasts and firings: An all-out push to vaccinate wary medical workers

Reuters: Unilever says global consumption will remain depressed in first half of year

The Washington Post: ‘Shocked, disheartened, devastated’: Restaurant and hotel workers reel as layoffs soar again

NPR: Meet three D.C. police officers who fought for the U.S. Capitol

The Virginian-Pilot: The strange, underground world of ghost kitchens in Hampton Roads

Reuters: Exclusive: Long-withheld Pentagon survey shows widespread racial discrimination, harassment

WBUR: Why didn’t the FBI and DHS produce a threat report ahead of the Capitol insurrection?

Marker: The bitcoin dream is dead

The Washington Post: No, there’s no substantive evidence that the Capitol riot was spurred by antifa

NPR: Defense official: Scores of current and former military proberd in extremism cases