City planning more storm drain improvements in industrial park

During their Jan. 19 meeting, City Commissioners will consider a $369,182.50 contract to Shumaker Trucking and Excavating Contractors, Inc., for the Central Montana Agriculture and Technology Park tax increment financing Phase IV storm drain project.

The CMATP is located on the north edge of the city and includes Malteurop and ADF.

City public works seeking $1.1 million in TIF funds for storm drain system in industrial district that includes ADF, Malteurop

As part of the capital improvement plan for the park, the city has been working with TD&H to complete final design and contract documents for the drainage channel restoration east of Black Eagle Road as the last component of the
CMATP storm drainage network.

“The channel is located in a stratum of highly erodible fat clay. The culvert outlet has failed in the past with the flared end terminal section falling off due to undercutting. Directly downstream of the culvert, the channel has been repaired repeatedly in the past through backfilling soil, riprap, and other materials. However, the channel continues to erode. The proposed project is being implemented to stabilize the culvert outlet and install energy dissipation which will reduce the velocity of the water exiting the culvert. The project will also restore the drainage channel natural vegetative state similar to pre-development conditions,” according to the staff report.

City staff worked with Dali LLC, the landowner, to obtain both temporary and permanent utility easements.

The project would implement the culvert stabilization and channel restoration improvements that were recommended in the February 2020 CMATP TIF Phase III storm drain eroded drainage evaluation prepared by TD&H, according to the staff report.

The city received six bids for the project ranging from $369,182.50 to $560,770.00.

Shumaker Trucking and Excavating Contractors, Inc. submitted the lowest responsible bid, according to the staff report.

The project is being funded with tax increment financing funds from the district.