County planning jail roof replacement project

Cascade County is in the planning stages for the removal of the roof and installation of about 102,808 square feet of new flat, rubberized roof at the Adult Detention Center.

The county public works department is soliciting for a statement of qualifications for architectural and engineering services for the project.

Construction would take place while the building is occupied and design documents need to show proposed phasing, sitework access, and security measures and controls the general contractor will need to provide during construction, according to the county.

The existing roof is damages and attached to three different roofs. Other repairs may need to be made during the project, according to the county.

Proposals are due by 2 p.m. Jan. 28.

County staff anticipate that preliminary design will start this spring and construction would start this summer.

“The selection may be made from this RFQ or selected finalists may be interviewed and will be based on a selection committee’s evaluation of the written responses. Contract negotiations will commence with the highest-ranked architectural/engineering firm. The contract will be awarded upon reaching an appropriate price for this work. If an appropriate agreement cannot be reached with the highest-ranked firm, the second-ranked architectural/engineering firm will be approached, and so on,” according to the county’s request for proposals.

The full request for proposals is available here.