Sunday Reads: Jan. 3

Happy New Year Great Falls!

NPR: Even if it’s ‘bonkers,’ poll finds many believe QAnon and other conspiracy theories

Vox: 2020 had some significant silver linings. Here are 7 of them.

NPR: A quiet and ‘unsettling’ pandemic toll: Students who’ve fallen off the grid

The Hill: More than 2,900 US health care workers have died of COVID-19 in pandemic: report

Associated Press: ‘Like a bathtub filling up’: Alabama is slammed by the virus

The Wall Street Journal: The COVID pandemic could cut business travel by 36 percent-permanently

CNBC: AWS CEO Andy Jassy: Offices will become more like shared workspaces after the pandemic

Kaiser Health News: Health officials fear pandemic-related suicide spike among native youth

Route Fifty: Would judges sentence fewer people to prison if local governments had to pay for their prison stays?

The Atlantic: Where year two of the pandemic will take us

NPR: ‘Toxic individualism:’ Pandemic politics driving health care workers from small towns

Smithsonian Magazine: Melting Russian permafrost yields new wooly rhino specimen

The Atlantic: How COVID changes out sleep

Kaiser Health News: In fast-moving pandemic, health officials try to change minds at warp speed