Toby’s House crisis nursery now open

Toby’s House Crisis Nursery opened Dec. 28.

Toby’s House will provide respite care for children ages 0-6, for families in need of safe childcare.

“We are just so excited to open our doors. The community has been so supportive of our mission to bring a crisis nursery to Great Falls,” Susie Zeak, Toby’s House director, said in a release.

Cascade County has a high rate of child abuse and neglect, per capita, according to the Toby’s House organizers.

“Sometimes a parent or caregiver needs a break just to cope with life and not everyone has another family caregiver to turn to,” Leesha Ford, board chair, said in a release. “We will continue to expand into weekend and overnight care to provide this service around the clock.”

Current opening hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. at 421 5th St. N.

Toby’s House is committed to expanding hours to weekends and 24-hour care when needed for our community, according to a release.

Details on current hours available for care, how to donate, and any special needs or events will be on Facebook and on the website.

The idea for Toby’s House started after numerous child deaths due to abuse and neglect in the community. A committee with the Early Childhood Coalition was formed in 2015 to brainstorm ideas to reduce child abuse and neglect rates. That committee decided the best solution was to create a crisis nursery and incorporated in 2016 into a nonprofit.