Sunday Reads: Dec. 20

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The New York Times: She stalked her daughter’s killers across Mexico, one by one

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The Wall Street Journal: The restaurant lockdown massacre

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Reuters: Majority of small U.S. businesses see worst coronavirus impact still ahead -poll

Wired: Mass transit is in jeopardy-and so are cities

The New Yorker: America is running out of nurses

Associated Press: Health officials track safety as COVID-19 vaccines roll out

NPR: Tested positive for COVID virus, but don’t have symptoms. What’s that really mean?

Bloomberg: Fifty years of tax cuts for rich didn’t trickle down, study says

Route Fifty: Local health departments are understaffed. Would Biden’s ‘public health jobs corps’ help?

The New York Times: More hacking attacks found as officials warn of ‘grave risk’ to U.S. government

Council on Foreign Relations: The year the earth stood still

The New Yorker: Reconstructing a pandemic by mapping the spread of COVID-19

The Washington Post: Low-income residents will bear brunt of public transit service cuts

Eater: Four restaurant pros on the lessons learned in 2020

Route Fifty: The COVID detection method that’s been right under our noses-literally

The New York Times: An elixir from the French Alps, frozen in time