Dogsgiving: Ajax

Name: Ajax (named after Ajax the Great in Greek mythology)

Age: 6 or 7

Breed: Siberian Husky

Human: Jane

Where did you come from? California (Ajax was adopted)

What’s your favorite toy? Big dog bones, bathroom garbage and stuffed animals that don’t belong to me.

What’s your biggest accomplishment? Squeezing under a chain link fence like a hamster.

What’s the worst thing you ever did? Ate the neighbors pet chicken.

What do your humans do to make you mad? Give me a bath after getting sprayed by a skunk.

Where’s your favorite patio? I like to lay in a hole I dug next to the house.

What are your aliases? Aaaajjjjaaaaxxxxxx

Dogsgiving: A Tail of Thanks

Who’s your best (non-human) friend? The next door neighbor’s dogs.

What’s your favorite place to go? The neighbor’s house.

What are your hobbies? Playing with the neighbor dogs (all 3 of them) and talking.

What’s the most expensive thing you ever ate? I am a good boy. 

Where do you get your hair and nails done? In the backyard.

What’s your fitness routine? I play chase with the neighbor dogs.

What are you thankful for? My parents bed that I get to sleep on all the time.