Sunday Reads: Dec. 13

Hope you’re staying warm Great Falls.

The New York Times: For a nation on edge, antacids become hard to find

NPR: ‘Kind of a chess game’: For states, distributing COVID-19 vaccine poses myriad hurdles

Associated Press: Conservationists: Bisons revive, freshwater dolphins dwindle

The New York Times: Pandemic closures devastate restaurant industry’s middle class

Brookings: To weather the coming eviction crisis, cities need better rent relief programs

Food Navigator: Coca-Cola uses pandemic as ‘catalyst for change,’ excuse to ‘spring clean’ innovation pipeline

Reuters: U.S. airline passenger traffic down 62 percent in October -DOT

The New York Times: Social inequalities explain racial gaps in pandemic, studies find

The Washington Post: ‘A lost generation’: Surge of research reveals students sliding backward, most vulnerable worst affected

The Wall Street Journal: What should Americans eat?

L.A. Times: Infected after 5 minutes, from 20 feet away: South Korea study shows coronavirus’ spread indoors

The Washington Post: Covid-19 becomes personal in a South Dakota town as neighbors die and the town debates a mask mandate

The New York Times: Shearing sheep, and hewing to tradition, on an island in Maine