Sunday Reads: Dec. 6

Here’s this week’s reading list. Hope everyone had a great week.

The Washington Post: Farming on Mars will be a lot harder than ‘The Martian’ made it seem

The Verge: Massachusetts on the verge of becoming first state to ban police use of facial recognition

Kaiser Health News: What happened when the only ER doctor in a rural town got COVID

The Wall Street Journal: UPS slaps shipping limits on Gap, Nike to manage e-commerce surge

NPR: Enrollment by international students in U.S. college plummets

Reuters: Interpol warns that COVID-19 vaccines could be targeted by criminals

The Washington Post: What’s in the $908 billion economic relief proposal

Associated Press: Is shopping in stores during the pandemic safe?

CNBC: Restaurant industry loses jobs for the first time since April as new restrictions hit employment

Vox: Online shopping is booming but so are returns. An old-school solution is gaining steam

New York Magazine: I miss my restaurant family, unfortunately

The Washington Post: CDC says 2-week coronavirus quarantines can be cut to 10 or 7 days

The New York Times: Hidden in plain sight: The ghosts of segregation

The Virginian-Pilot: Cheers! Or not: ‘Scandalous’ 1st Christmas card up for sale

ProPublica: States with few coronavirus restrictions are spreading the virus beyond their borders

Associated Press: At tiny rural hospitals, weary doctors are treating their own friends and family

Eater: Where is the data to support closing outdoor dining in L.A.? It’s complicated 

Civil Eats: Black farmers say they were dropped from the USDA’s food box program

The Verge: Rising seas predicted to flood thousands of affordable housing units by 2050

The New York Times: Food delivery apps are booming. Their workers are often struggling.

Vox: The death of the department store and the American middle class

The Washington Post: As thousands of athletes get coronavirus tests, nurses wonder: What about us?