County approves contracts for body scanner, intercom system

County Commissioners voted during a special Nov. 16 meeting to approve the purchase of a $160,000 body scanner for the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office at the Adult Detention Center.

The county received four bids for the scanner on the county jail side only.

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The CCSO team scored Adani Systems Inc. the highest and recommended approving that purchase.

CCSO has been testing an Adani scanner at the jail this fall.

CCSO planning to test body scanner for six months at county jail

Sheriff Jesse Slaughter said that the company will pick up the demo machine and deliver a new one in early December.

Earlier this year, CCSO did a six-month test with a KPrime scanner and Slaughter said it didn’t meet their needs.

Slaughter had budgeted for the scanner in this fiscal year’s budget.

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In a Nov. 5 letter to commissioners, Undersheriff Cory Reeves wrote that of the four vendors considered, ADANI scored the highest and that the images from that scanner had better quality and clarity than other scanners the CCSO tested. The ADANI scanner also has enhanced technology to help detect narcotics in the body, a function not offered by the other vendors, according to Reeves’ letter.

Slaughter said that once the new machine arrives, it will be operational within a few days.

Commissioners also approved a $17,200 contract with Corvinus for an intercom project using funds from the CCSO capital reserves.

It’s the same company the county approved a $520,100 contract with last year to replace the system at the jail that operates door locks throughout the jail.