Sunday Reads: Nov. 15

Here’s this week’s reading list. Have a lovely week Great Falls.

The New York Times Style Magazine: An artist’s continuing exploration of the human form

The Washington Post: Raging virus triggers new shutdown orders and economy braces for fresh wave of pain

The New York Times: Measles deaths soared worldwide last year, as vaccine rates stalled

The Washington Post: 2020 turnout is the highest in over a century

Politico: Labs sound alarm on coronavirus testing capacity, supplies

Wired: The future of McDonald’s is in the drive-thru lane

Kaiser Health News: When false information goes viral, COVID-19 patient groups fight back

The Washington Post: As coronavirus soars, hospitals hope to avoid an agonizing choice: Who gets care and who goes home

Front Office Sports: Golf boom continues

The New York Times: The uneasy afterlife of our dazzling trash

The Wall Street Journal: On America’s farms, worries about regulation, hope for the trade deals under Biden

Politico: Meet the contenders for Biden’s Cabinet

The New York Times: How to ship a vaccine at -80°C, and other obstacles in the COVID fight

Vox: Holiday shopping as we know it is over — just ask seasonal workers

Forbes: How grocery stores are offering COVID-19 tests

Kaiser Health News: Search for a snakebite drug might lead to a COVID treatment, too

NPR: These women built careers in retail. The pandemic tore through their stores

The Washington Post: At dinner parties and game nights, casual American life is fueling the coronavirus surge

Defense News: Top policy, intelligence civilians resign amid Pentagon shakeup

The New York Times: A glance at daily life among the caretakers of Britain’s small islands

The Washington Post: Robin Kemp lost her news job in Clayton County, Ga. — but she kept reporting the news. It paid off on election week.

Scientific American: A flu shot might reduce coronavirus infections, early research suggests

The New York Times: Pandemic creates new considerations for arena construction A stone drum is at the center of this new national veterans memorial

The New York Times Magazine: How do you know when society is about to fall apart?