Sunday Reads: Nov. 8

Hope everyone made it through the winter storm and power outages. Here’s this week’s reading list.

Associated Press: Hospital: Not enough nurses to address virus outbreak

The Verge: Local elections are changing America’s energy mix, one city at a time

The Washington Post: She began by baking lasagna for her city, and now her program spans every U.S. state

The New York Times: Meet the Ebony Anglers, five Black women catching fish and stares

NPR: First COVID-19 vaccine doses to go to health workers, say CDC advisers

The Atlantic: A dreadful new peak for the American pandemic

Vanity Fair: The Queen’s Gambit: A real-life chess champion on Netflix’s addictive hit

The New York Times: COVID is the big story on campus. College reporters have the scoop.

High County News: Today’s wildfire modeling ‘just sucks’ for flames fueled by climate change

QSR Magazine: The era of small-box restaurants has arrived

The New York Times: If restaurants go, what happens to cities?

Axios: A brief history of voting from space

NPR: A new Hippocratic oath asks doctors to fight racial injustice and misinformation

CNBC: Smaller American cities see big interest from urban flight

NPR: CDC report: Officials knew coronavirus test was flawed but released in anyway

Washington Post: ‘We will not allow anyone to stop us’: Day and night, under historic scrutiny, the nation’s vote counters carried on

The New York Times: Exit polls showed the vote came down to the pandemic versus the economy