Easements approved for Milwaukee Station project

City Commissioners approved multiple easements last week associated with Milwaukee Station Project at the corner of River Drive and 1st Avenue North.

The project being developed by Big Sky Select Properties and will include about 110 residential units and 10,000 square feet of commercial space that will be lightly attached to the existing Milwaukee Station Depot Building at 101 River Drive N.

Milwaukee Station zone change approved

In August, commissioners approved a zoning change from M-2 mixed use transitional to C-4 central business core for the 3.385 acre Milwaukee Station property and the 1.3 neighboring acres to the northeast of the historic building.

Commissioners also approved a tax abatement for the project in August.

Developers had to finalize easements for access, utilities and landscaping before construction could begin.

Developers requesting tax abatements for three projects

During their Oct. 20 meeting, commissioners approved a perpetual easement for the purpose of “constructing and maintaining a parking lot and pedestrian trail.”

Milwaukee Station project zone change goes to City Commission Aug. 18

They also approved a perpetual easement for utilities and landscaping located in a 20-foot utility easement, 34-foot access and utility easement and a 20-foot landscape easement across from Sight and Sound Park.

Commissioners also approved an easement for temporary construction access across Sight and Sound Park.