Sunday Reads: Oct. 25

Stay warm and safe out there Great Falls.

The Washington Post: The town that built back green

NPR: Are the risks of reopening schools exaggerated?

Reuters: With evictions looming, U.S. cities seek legal help for renters

Associated Press: Vaccine storage issues could leave 3B people without access

Associated Press: Virus spikes have officials looking to shore up hospitals

The Atlantic: The coronavirus surge that will define the next four years

Route Fifty: Federal judge rejects work requirement changes in food stamp program

The Washington Post: Not even a pandemic can break rich cities’ grip on the U.S. economy

Politico: The next economic crisis: Empty retail space

The New York Times: In Texas towns gutted by COVID-19, a fragile effort to sustain a cherished sport

Vox: What it’s like to sell ‘Life is Good’ when the world feels bad

Associated Press: U.S. home construction up 1.9 percent in September to 1.4 million

The New York Times: Brace for holiday ‘shipageddon’

The Washington Post: The seasonal job is getting a makeover and, in many cases, a pay raise