Sunday Reads: Oct. 18

Hope you stayed warm Great Falls with all this snow. Here’s to a good week.

WIRED: Your food isn’t ‘natural’ and it never will be

Outside: How hops became the star of American brewing

Vox: The furniture resale market is booming

Curbed: This spring, we all drove much less. Yes traffic deaths went up. Why?

Smithsonian: A T.Rex sold for $31.8 million and paleontologists are worried

NPR: Undisclosed: Most homebuyers and renters aren’t warned about flood or wildfire risk

The Washington Post: Mnuchin says new economic relief deal unlikely before election, although talks with Pelosi continue

The New York Times: The news cycle is crushing Seattle’s vibrant restaurant scene

NPR: Scientists confirm Nevada man was infected twice with coronavirus

The New York Times: The tech that might help cyclists and cars coexist safely

NPR: A disturbing Twinkie that has, so far, defied science

The New Yorker: The uncertain promises of indoor dining in New York City

Forbes: Why cities will bounce back post-coronavirus