48-unit apartment complex proposed for Skyline Drive

A 48-unit apartment complex is proposed for a 2.15 acre parcel on the corner of Skyline Drive Northwest and 6th Street Northwest.

The developer, Skyline Heights, LLC, is proposing four 12-plex multi-family buildings to be built in phases over multiple years.

On Oct. 13, the city planning board will consider the developer’s request to annex to parcel and assign R-6 multi-family high density zoning. The property is adjacent to the city limits on the south and east.

Existing single-family homes within the city are located to the east and a city-owned water distribution facility is located to the south, according to the city staff report.

A large tract of land to the north is currently used for agricultural purposes but is anticipated for future annexation and development, according to the city.

The proposed site plan, by TD&H Engineering.

The right-of-way of both Skyline Drive Northwest and 6th Street Northwest are required to be annexed as part of the request, including the entire intersection of these two streets, both of which function as collector streets.

The developer will be responsible for extending utility mains and roadway improvements per city requirements.

City staff estimates that the development would generate an average of 6.65 trips per dwelling unit on a weekday for a total estimated average of 320 trips per weekday. Peak time traffic is expected to be generated at the rate of 0.67 vehicles per dwelling unit for a one hour period generally between 4-6 p.m. For the 48 units, this equates to 33 vehicles during that hour, according to city staff estimates.

City staff estimated that 80 percent of the trips would use Skyline Drive and 6th Street to the west/south; 20 percent would use Skyline Drive to the east, and a negligible number of new trips would use Skyline Drive and 6th Street NW to the west/north.

Members of Neighborhood Council 3 wrote a letter to the City Commission stating concerns about traffic from the proposed apartment complex and the lack of fire protection in their area.

Mike Winters, former mayor, who lives on 6th Street Northwest wrote that residents struggle backing out of their driveways “due to rude drivers on the road, adding that cars driving in icy conditions have slid onto homeowners yards during the winter. Winters said the street is not capable of handling additional traffic without improvements
being made. He also said that large fire engines may encounter problems driving on the narrow roadway to get to fires burning in the area. Neighborhood Council 3 does not have a fire station located in its district.”

According to the city’s Long Range Transportation Plan and the city’s transportation planner, 6th Street Northwest is classified as a collector street and is planned for reconstruction between Smelter and 36th Street. The project is estimated in the 2018 LRTP update at $9.679 million and no funding is identified for the project so it’s listed as a 2038 and beyond project.

Members of Neighborhood Council 3 wrote that they request the city planning board to “take our concerns into account and prioritize improvements to 6th Street N.W. as development continues in the district of Neighborhood Council 3. This road needs to be widened, curbs and gutters need to be installed, and a method to control vehicle speed must be created to make this a safe thoroughfare
for future development.

The exists are proposed onto Skyline Drive.

The annexation and zoning requests will next go to the City Commission.