City converting utility billing system

The City of Great Falls utilities department is deploying a new utility billing software called Munis.

During the software implementation, there will be several days where staff will be able to view information in the current system but unable to process any transactions until the new system is up and running.  In order for data to convert over to the new system, the current system must be shutdown.

City transitioning to new utility billing software, customers will see some changes

The last day for payments to be posted into the current system was Sept. 22. All payments received after that will be held and manually entered into the new system, including cash, checks, payments made by phone and payments made by billpay.

If a customer calls to inquire about a payment being received during this time, staff will not be able to confirm receipt as the payment will not be applied until the new system becomes available. There will be delays in generating and processing paperwork during the transition. Staff will not be able to complete address changes, transfers of ownership, or tenant forms.

The Munis system is scheduled to go live Oct. 5, barring any unforeseen technical issues.

The system will include a new payment website called Citizen Self-service, which will have a shopping cart feature so customers can pay multiple accounts with one payment versus the current system that requires separate payments for each account. The new system will also show deposits and customers can pay both general and utility bills. The CSS website will go live shortly after the Munis implementation. Watch for more information on how to set up a customer account on the monthly billing statement and the City’s website

For more information on Munis, the CSS customer portal, or billing questions, contact Utilities Customer Service at 406-727-7660.