GFPS has two more COVID-19 cases; City has had three confirmed cases

Great Falls Public Schools said Sept. 8 that it had been notified by the Cascade County City-County Health Department that two more COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in the district.

One of those cases is at Paris Gibson Education Center and the other is at East Middle School, according to GFPS.

“The GFPS nursing team and administrators worked with the health department staff to complete the contact tracing. Due to the fact that these two new cases are students that had not been in schools recently, the deep sanitizing of classrooms at Paris Gibson Education Center and East Middle School was not necessary. At this point there will be school as usual at both of those schools,” according to GFPS.

Two COVID-19 cases confirmed at GF High

Parents, staff and students are reminded to monitor their health and well-being daily and if you are feeling sick or exhibiting any flu like symptoms, please stay home from school and contact your healthcare provider, according to GFPS.

On Sept. 5, GFPS said that there were two confirmed COVID-19 cases at Great Falls High School.

The classrooms and the building at Great Falls High were sanitized over the holiday week, according to GFPS, and school resumed as usual on Sept. 8.

More COVID-19 cases confirmed in county jail; judge has concerns over COVID in jail; Sheriff details some precautions

At the City of Great Falls, three city employees have tested positive for COVID-19, as of Sept. 8, according to City Manager Greg Doyon.

Doyon said that the city requires that employees who test positive must notify the city’s human resources department. The city is not notified by CCHD, Doyon said.

He said that the city has been following the CDC guidelines and that generally, an employee may return to work when after 24 hours, they do not have any symptoms (no medications for fever reduction, cough, etc.). The cycles will be different for everyone but typically run 10-14 days, Doyon told The Electric in an email.

On Sept. 8, there were nine new confirmed COVID-19 cases in Cascade County, bringing the county’s total to 381 with 182 active cases.

At least 100 of those cases are associated with the Cascade County Adult Detention Center.

The new cases on Sept. 8 are, according to CCHD:

  • 2 females under 20
  • 1 male under 20
  • 1 female in her 20s
  • 2 males in their 20s
  • 1 female in her 30s
  • 1 male in his 50s

On Sunday, Sept. 6, there was one new case, a female under 20, according to CCHD.